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Focus Group Chair
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Dr Kendal Pitt
Kendal G. Pitt, Ph.D (London University), B.Pharm (University of Nottingham) is a Senior Technical Director in the Centre of Excellence at GlaxoSmithKline based at Ware, UK, and was recently appointed a Fellow of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FAPS). He has worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for over 20 years, with Wellcome Foundation Ltd., Roche Pharmaceuticals and more recently for Merck. He has headed groups in both the United States and Great Britain and has led project teams responsible for the successful filing and launch of both tablets and freeze-dried oral dosage forms. Primary research interests are in powder compaction, powder flow and granulation process optimisation, including the use of compaction simulators in tablet and capsule product development. He has additionally published in the areas of formulation and design for nasal delivery of pharmaceuticals and on statistical design of experiments, and has co-authored chapters on tabletting and on strength testing.
APS Amorphous by Design 2014
Characterisation and Processing of Amorphous Materials
Fundamental characterisation of amorphous materials to move away from a trial and error approach and ensure robust manufacturing
Meeting Report and presentations now available - click here.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Process Engineering and Product Formulation Group is to increase the understanding of both processing and product formulation, in order that quality/robust products can be successfully produced on a commercial scale. The group will focus on product formulation, (solid, semi-solid and liquid) and pharmaceutical processing, for instance, mixing, drying, comminution, wet granulation, dry granulation/roller compaction, dry milling, compaction and new formulation and process technology approaches. In addition to Quality by Design strategies, PAT applications, Quality Risk assessments which demonstrate product and process understanding to the regulatory authorities.

Group Focus

  • Facilitate discussion and exchange of information both within pharmaceutical companies and industry sectors involved in similar or new types of process technologies, e.g. ceramics, foods, paints, agrochemicals, electronics, automobile, fine chemicals, household products etc.
  • Provide a link between Industry and Academia.
  • Organise symposia at least once or twice a year.
  • Foster interaction between other Focus groups in particular Inhalation and Film Coating.

Areas of Interest

  • Novel formulations and Process technologies.
  • Modelling and Simulation of processes.
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence/Statistical Approaches to Process understanding and Product Formulation.
  • Property measurements on intermediate particles and final process formulation dosage forms.
  • Comminution and Compaction
  • Particle processing
  • Particle agglomeration
  • Product design principles which include quality by design principles
  • Analytical PAT techniques and equipment

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