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Focus Group Chair
 Contact Matthew  
Dr Matthew Reason
Matt is an Investigator at GlaxoSmithKline specialising in the development of inhaled drug products. Matt graduated from Bath University with a degree in Pharmacy in 1997 and completed a PhD in Pharmaceutics at De Montfort University in 2003 under Dr Geoff Smith. In 2002 he joined GlaxoSmithKline in Product Development. Matt became a member of the New Scientist Focus Group of the APS in 2001.
Focus Group Web Page Editor
 Contact James  
Dr James Mann
James graduated from University of Strathclyde with a degree in Forensic and Analytical Chemistry in 2003 and completed a PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the University of East Anglia in 2007. In 2007 he joined MSD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Clinical Supply within the Analytical Sciences group. James is currently a Senior Research chemist working on the development of new chemical entities, analytical technology development and in particular the area of in-vitro predictive technologies.
Focus Group Web Page Editor
 Contact Clare  
Dr Clare Rawlinson-Malone
Dr Clare Rawlinson Malone is a pharmacist with experience in Clinical, Academic and Industrial sectors. She works as a Senior Research Investigator in the Portfolio Enabling Technologies Group, part of Drug Product Science and Technology at Bristol-Myers Squibb R&D.; Previous positions include a Developmental Lectureship at the University of Bradford, and Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutics at Reading School of Pharmacy. During time in academia her research group focused on development and characterisation of innovative pharmaceutical formulations, most particularly those for delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs: exploitation of amorphous materials, drug-polymer interactions, novel polymers, microemulsions and co-crystals. She retains an interaction with the University of Reading through a position of Visiting Research Fellow. At Bristol-Myers Squibb her expertise in strategies to improve bioavailability of oral drugs, and development of associated methods of chemical analysis, is being applied to bring a range of “difficult” drugs to market and the clinic.

The objectives of NSFG are:

  • To demonstrate the diversity of pharmaceutical sciences and highlight the opportunities available to scientists from a wide-range of backgrounds and disciplines.
  • To provide advice to new scientists on potential career paths and development opportunities available to them within the pharmaceutical sciences.
  • To promote interaction and collaboration between:
    • multidisciplinary subjects which constitute the pharmaceutical sciences
    • new and eminent scientists
    • industry, academia and government
  • To attract new scientists to the APS by engaging and educating them about the aims and benefits of the APS, and encourage them to become members of the APS.
  • To communicate the views of new pharmaceutical scientists to a wider scientific community via the APS.
  • To develop and maintain the Students of the APS (SAPS) committee

These objectives will be achieved by:

  • Actively engaging with new pharmaceutical scientists through the APS students association.
  • Organising and chairing a session at the annual UK PharmSci conference which will showcase new talent alongside newly appointed leaders in the academic and industrial fields.
  • Organising and hosting an annual conference at a major pharmaceutical site to showcase the opportunities available to new scientists within the pharmaceutical sciences using eminent speakers chosen from across a range of disciplines.
  • Actively engaging with other groups which have similar objectives to the NSFG e.g. other APS focus groups, the BPSA, Young Chemical Engineers
  • Publicising the work of the NSFG and APS.
  • Working closely with the SAPS committee on an on-going basis; ensuring oversight and support for the management and output of SAPS

                                  Pharm Sci 2014 NSFG session:

On Tuesday 9th September, 2014, the New Scientists Focus Group will chair a session at the UK Pharm Sci conference at University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield.  The session will include presentations from established and emerging scientists.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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