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Dr Felicity Sartain
Felicity is a Chemist with 10 years of managerial, commercial and research experience in the life sciences, med tech and clean tech. She is a Director and co-founder of NanoScientium. She was the Programme Director at Bio Nano Consulting, delivering client nanotechnology projects, developing market and business opportunities and securing global contracts. Felicity also led the Healthcare and Life Sciences Theme for the Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), supporting the exploitation and commercialisation of micro and nanotechnologies across the UK. She was a co-inventor of the original technologies at Smart Holograms, a Cambridge University spin-out that designed and developed novel biosensors. Prior to this worked in Research and Development at GSK where she developed microfluidic drug discovery platforms.

Felicity holds an MChem in Chemistry with Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals from the University of York, and a PhD from the University of Cambridge. Felicity is a Member of Royal Society of Chemistry and a STEMNet Ambassador.


Nanomedicines are already being utilised and the fundamental science base is continually developing, as such market predictions indicate that nanotechnologies will make an increasing contribution to new medicines over the next 10 years and beyond. In recognition of these developments the APS has established this new focus group to provide a forum for discussion and to help to raise the profile of nanomedicines within the UK, engaging with personnel working at all stages across the supply chain.


The focus group will facilitate and promote the understanding of nanomedicines from a pure science base through the evolving regulatory environment and finally manufacture. Drawing on expertise from industry, academia, regulatory and clinical practice the group encourages the exchange of information and collaboration across all parties. Through establishing an active and open community in this fast moving field, this focus group will explore the opportunities that nanotechnology offers and investigate any barriers to their adoption are, then work together to propose solutions.


The Nanomedicines group is establishing a Steering committee if you are interested in participating in this please contact Felicity Sartain ([email protected])

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