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Dr Michael Leane
Michael Leane graduated with a Pharmacy degree from Trinity College Dublin and has a PhD in Advanced Drug Delivery from the University of Nottingham. He has previously worked at Elan Pharmaceutical Technologies focusing primarily on the development of new solid dosage form delivery systems for poorly permeable drugs and at Phaeton Research investigating novel gastroretentive platforms. He joined Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2005, with an initial role as formulation scientist leading a team concentrating on development of a poorly-soluble compound. His current role at BMS is within the Material Science department where he specialises in the optimisation of API properties to facilitate drug product manufacture. He is chair of the APS Material Science Focus Group and has authored and co-authored a number of publications around amorphous formulation development and novel characterisation techniques.
Focus Group Web Page Editor
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Mrs Elaine Stone
Latest news:

There are a few places left at our 2015 Material Science event.

APS Particle Engineering - Joint Meeting with SSPC

Venue: Trinity College, Dublin
Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th April 2015

Particle engineering: the first stage for successful pharmaceutical formulation

The delivery of a robust formulation process which successfully delivers the active ingredient reproducibly throughout the shelf life of a product is a challenge that formulation scientists face every day. Quite frequently variable input materials need to be “accommodated” by adjusting the formulation process or, even worse failure in performance testing can result in failed batches and potentially delays in supplying the market. By controlling, or even designing the input material a number of opportunities where simpler and cheaper formulations/processes, more rapid development and more robust processes can begin to emerge. Engineering of formulations that have reproducible or even predictable performance should start during the particle formation stage. Historically drug substance and drug product groups have worked very separately but more recently a firm collaboration can help identify the “right particles” and methods to produce them on scale.

This symposium will provide world leading knowledge and case studies from both academia and industry in all the key aspects around particle engineering: Particle formation, isolation/drying, particle processing, particle assessment and particle performance.

It is a must attend for both scientists and managers in pharmaceutical development and manufacture and will also appeal to scientific community in related industries such as food, FMCG and agrochemicals.

This meeting is a partnership event bringing together the Materials Science Focus Group of the APS with the Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre (SSPC). Opportunities will be available for displaying posters and also for exhibitors of scientific equipment/services. Please contact APS secretariat for more details.

The event is to be held at Trinity College Dublin and as this is a partnership event demand is likely to be high for the limited places hence please be sure to reserve your place early to avoid disappointment.

Previous events:
APS Amorphous by Design 2014
Characterisation and Processing of Amorphous Materials
Fundamental characterisation of amorphous materials to move away from a trial and error approach and ensure robust manufacturing
Meeting Report and presentations now available - click here.

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