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Focus Group Chair
 Contact Eddie  
Dr Eddie French
Eddie French is an independent pharmaceutical consultant who specializes in therapeutic product design and development, for both large and small molecules, cellular therapies and drug delivery devices. He is currently attached, on a part time basis, to the University of Bath, Department of Pharmacy, where he is an honorary professor and director of biopharmaceutical development for the ReMedDes consortium. Eddie has over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the last 17 of which were spent with Pfizer Sandwich, where he was a director within Pharmaceutical Sciences working on a wide range of preclinical, clinical and commercial dosage forms.Prior to his industrial career, he was a lecturer in pharmaceutics. Eddie is a previous chair of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences and is currently on the board as the immediate past chair. In addition to his role at Bath, Eddie is also the honorary professor of formulation science at the University of Nottingham.
Focus Group Co-Chair
 Contact Jeremy  
Dr Jeremy Clarke
Jeremy Clarke is currently Director, Respiratory Centre of Excellence at GlaxoSmithKline, Ware working on technology transfer, industrialisation and filing of late stage development candidates in the respiratory portfolio, as well as life cycle management programmes for marketed products and advocacy in science/regulation of Orally Inhaled Drug Products (OIPs). A pharmacist by training, Jeremy obtained his PhD in non-aqueous colloid and interface science at the Welsh School of Pharmacy, University of Cardiff. Following his doctorate studies, Jeremy joined Ciba-Geigy (Novartis) working on OIPs, where he advanced to leadership of the formulation development group. Subsequently, Jeremy joined Vectura where as Director of Respiratory Development, he had responsibility for both in-house and contract development programmes for OIPs. Jeremy then joined Pfizer at Sandwich as matrix/ line leader with responsibility for development of new products and technologies for both OIPs and oral solid dosage forms.
Aims and Objectives
  • Focus group within the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences open to all members with an interest in pulmonary and nasal drug delivery.
  • Provide a forum for Industry, Academe and the Regulators to engage in discussion of current issues in science, technology & regulation pertinent to pulmonary and nasal drug delivery.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with other relevant organizations active in the field (e.g. Aerosol Society (DDL), EPAG, AAPS,HESI and RDD) with a view to establishing joint meetings and dialogue in the field.

Provide continuing education for the membership via for e.g. a biennial symposium, interim focussed workshops/seminars.

Focus Group Steering Committee

  • Eddie French (Co-Chair), TEKH Consulting Ltd
  • Jeremy Clarke,(Co-Chair) GlaxoSmithKline
  • Ben Forbes, King’s College London
  • Darragh Murnane, University of Hertfordshire
  • John Pritchard, Phillips Respironics
  • Joe Takher-Smith, Mylan Global Respiratory Group
  • Nayna Govind, NG Pharma Consulting Ltd
  • Philippe Rogueda, Watson Pharmaceuticals
  • Rob Price, University of Bath
  • Alison Lansley, University of Brighton

Drugs in the Lungs NETWORK (DITL)

Latest update on the activities of drugs in the lung network appears in an article[CO1]  in Inhalation ( October 2014 issue.

  • The Drugs in the Lung Network was devised with the aim of providing cross-company collaboration and developing industry-academia pre competitive consortia.
  • The Network aims to provide supportive forum for technical and scientific (i.e. data rich) discussions with the aim of advancing the knowledge of early - to late stage inhaled product development.

Upcoming Events

  • Bioequivalence of Orally Inhaled Drug Products-Monday 30th March 2015 at the Royal Society of Chemistry, London as part of the Inhaled Medicines Expert Discussion Series. The meeting is organised jointly by with The Aerosol Society.

  • APS Inhaled Product Development Workshop: ‘The science and strategy to develop an aerosolized medicine’

  • Modulating pharmacokinetics of inhaled drugs

Delivering High Doses to the Lungs

Previous Events

  • UKPharmSci 2014 Inhaled:-New Technologies and Novel Therapeutics
  • UKPharmSci  2013 Inhaled 1 (Session 3.31) Wed 4 Sept: New technologies to enable respiratory medicines
  • UKPharmSci 2013 Inhaled 2 (Session 3.32) Wed 4 Sept: Current thinking on the impact of mucus on drug in the lungs

  • Inhalation 2007, 2009, 2011
  • Drugs in the Lungs NETWORK – click here
  • APS Inhalation Symposium/Conference in 2003 and 2005

 [CO1]Link to PDF attached

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