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The APS Blog is dedicated to Pharmaceutical Science and is written by a team of enthusiasts who want to spread the word and share their thoughts with others.
  THURSDAY, 17 MAY 2012
Chairman's Blog
I am delighted to be hosting the forthcoming Amorphous IV meeting at the Medway campus of the University of Greenwich. The meeting, running over two days June 12 and 13th will include contributions from both academia and industry, home and overseas.

We have a comprehensive programme which will include lectures and demonstrations of some of the latest technology involving hot melt extrusion, FT-IR probes and the measurement of flow properties. If you have not already done so please register for this event which is within a stones throw of the Historic Dockyard in Chatham.

Posted by: Martin Snowden @ 15.24 


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  FRIDAY, 23 MARCH 2012
Chairman's Blog
As Chair of the APS I was delighted to hear the news that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is to invest £500m in the UK. This is a very positive development for the Pharmaceutical Science community. The Industrial Insights Meeting this year will be held at the GSK site in Stevenage and I am pleased to report that all places have been taken up. This is a very clear and positive indication of the high levels of interest in the UK Pharmaceutical Science Industry shown by Early Career Researchers.

If you were not able to attend the Industrial Insights meeting, do please keep an eye on the APS calendar of events. As a result of generous sponsorship of the academy by GSK, Pfizer and AstraZeneca we are able to keep the price of attending many our meetings and conferences down for PhDs and post-docs. These events are great opportunities for networking and meeting representatives from across a wide section of the UK Pharmaceutical Science community. It is well worth attending.

Posted by: Martin Snowden @ 09.37 


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Chairman's Blog

The APS is going from strength to strength in 2012 with an increasing number of events, symposia and activities all designed to promote the Pharmaceutical Sciences. I would e.g. like to draw your attention to the ever popular Industrial Insights meeting which this year is to be held at GSK’s state of the art site in Stevenage on April 12/13th. This is a great opportunity for PhD students and post-docs to find out all about the broad range of careers which are currently available within the Pharmaceutical Industry. Some parts of the Pharmaceutical Industry have undergone a period of change and restructuring in recent times,  however it is important to remember that the Pharmaceutical Industry is still a significant contributor to the UK economy and is always on the lookout to recruit good people.

The focus groups of the Academy are planning to run a number of specialist symposia this year. Details of these meetings will be found very soon on the web site. Planning is also well underway for UK Pharm Sci 2012 which will be held again this year at the East Midland Conference Centre in Nottingham, September 12-14. I hope that both industrialist and academics will be able to support these events by contributing papers and abstracts as well as going along to these meetings to learn about the latest innovations and development taking place within their discipline.

The APS is the premier body for the promotion of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the UK. I would be delighted if you could support the work of APS by supporting these activities. I hope that those who read this blog who are currently not members will consider joining us. We are good value and we provide our members with a great introduction to the vibrant community of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Posted by: Martin Snowden @ 09.24 


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Chairman's Blog

As 2011 draws to a close, as Chair of the Academy I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have supported the APS this year. We have received a number of generous denotations from several large companies and I would particularly like to thank Pfizer, GSK and Astra Zeneca for their contributions which have allowed us to run more scientific symposia and to offer many students the opportunity to attend and participate in scientific meetings at much reduced prices. We as the Academy appreciate that the future of Pharmaceutical Science lies in the hands of students and post-docs and we will continue to encourage students to attend our conferences at the best possible rates.

I would like to thank the many volunteers who work tirelessly on behalf of pharmaceutical science in the UK and I am especially indebted to the Board Members of the academy and to the Focus Group members who have organised and run a wide range of symposia, often jointly with other groups and organisations throughout the year. Next year, 2012 promises to be another busy year for the Academy and the Focus Goups are working hard to provide an exciting and interesting range scientific meetings and symposia and the diary is rapidly filling. I am pleased to confirm that our flagship scientific conference APS Pharm Sci 2012 will be held on Sept 12-14 at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham. Do keep an eye on the website for details of all of our forthcoming meetings. If you are not already a memebr of the Academy I do hope that you will join in 2012.

I look forward to catching up with you next year.

Posted by: Martin Snowden @ 14.00 


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Chairman's Blog

The APS Focus Groups (FGs) are key to delivering the APS vision of Developing the Pharmaceutical Sciences’ and I am pleased to announce the re-launch of these following discussions with the existing FGs and a survey of APS members.

Focus Group

Current Chairperson(s)

Contact details

New Scientists and Development

Helen Barker

[email protected]


Biomolecules and Vaccines

Kevin King and Barry Moore

[email protected]

[email protected]

Biopharmaceutics and oral drug delivery

Mark McAllister

[email protected]


To be confirmed: contact Eddie French in the mean time

[email protected]

Material Sciences

Martyn Ticehurst

[email protected]


Michael Heinrich

[email protected]

Process Engineering, Product Formulation and Manufacturing

Ron Roberts

[email protected]

Anti-infectives (Microbiology)

To be determined: contact Jayne Lawrence in the mean time

[email protected]

The remit of the FGs has been better defined and their key role in tackling the challenges facing pharmaceutical sciences and scientists is better recognised.  If you wish to contribute to the FGs please do not hesitate to contact one of the FG leaders listed above. If you’re passionate about pharmaceutical sciences then the FGs are where you can express that passion!

Please look out for progress and updates from the FGs on the APS website or on Linked In. Why not subscribe to regularly Email updates from APS?

Posted by: Robert Harrison @ 13.00 


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Chairman's Blog
UK Pharm Sci 2011, held at the East Midlands Conference centre, was a great success with over 600 delegates, sponsors and exhibitors in attendance. Several excellent plenary and award lecturers were given. During the conference the Royal Pharmaceutical Society award was made to Dr. Ryan Donelly of Queen's University Belfast. Professor Bill Charman from Monash University gave an excellent presentation on neglected diseases while Professor Steve Wicks from the University of Greenwich delivered the APS award lecture. The GSK emerging scientist award was made to Professor Giuseppe Battaglia of Sheffield University. In addition to the many excellent podium presentations there were a record number of posters, nine of which were very worthy recipients of GSK sponsored prizes. I as Chair of APS would like to thank all of those who contributed to the huge success of this event. Professor Jayne Lawrence from King's College London will take over the conference Chair from Professor Richard Guy for the 2012 UK Pharm Sci meeting which will be held at the same venue from September 12 -14 in 2012

Posted by: Martin Snowden @ 10.31 


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Chairman's Blog
The APS is the foremost organisation in the UK promoting the pharmaceutical sciences. Over the past few months the APS Board has been active identifying the most significant scientific challenges that face pharmaceutical scientists. The APS is well placed to coordinate activities to tackle these challenges and in the process help its members and ultimately get medicines to patients more efficiently and effectively. Our intent is that the APS Focus Groups drive our scientific efforts. To this end we are recommending changes to their organisation. We are proposing the creation of nine FGs in total and have recently surveyed existing FG members. Once we have their views we will contact all APS members in July and invite contributions to the new FGs with a formal launch at UKPharmSci 2011 (31st Aug to 2nd Sept). We believe this will be an exciting development which will reinvigorate the APS's focus on science and provide an opportunity for members to be more involved in tackling the key issues we face. I look forward to communicating further details to you in July.

Posted by: Martin Snowden @ 10.05 


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