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Focus Groups
Pharmaceutical Colloids
[Group Library] (members only)

Statement of Purpose

The Pharmaceutical Colloids Group is a focus group within the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences open to all members with an interest in colloidal systems.
The group will be operated by a core management group selected from the membership and reviewed on an annual basis.


To organise meetings and seminars to inform its members and discuss current progress in the field.
To collaborate and coordinate with other relevant organizations (RSC/SCI colloids group, UKICRS)
with a view to establishing joint meetings and dialogue in the field.
To provide continuing education for those engaged in work with pharmaceutical colloids.
To act as a communications focus for academic and industrially based colloid scientists.
To maintain a web site to allow easy access to relevant electronic data resources.

Areas of interest

The group is interested in any application of colloidal systems and technology to biomaterials, pharmacy and medicine, including for example:

Colloidal drug delivery systems.
Microparticles and nanoparticles.
Self-assembling systems (liposomes, micelles,etc).
Emulsions and microemulsions.
Imaging colloids (radiolabelled particles, echogenic systems, MRI contrast agents, etc).
Colloidal nanotechnology systems.
Targeted systems.
Complex multiphase systems (e.g. creams and other high-phase volume dispersions).
Technology for colloid production.
Characterization techniques.
Regulatory and QC aspects of colloidal formulations.
Clinical aspects of colloidal systems.

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