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Focus Groups
Biopharmaceutics and Oral Drug Delivery
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The focus group will cover the promotion of scientific education and training in the field of biopharmaceutics from an industrial and academic perspective.


To support the on-going education of both academic and industrial scientists involved in the area of biopharmaceutics. To establish a comprehensive information source. To organise a symposium and / or workshop each year and to contribute to the BPC scientific programme.

Biopharmaceutics can be defined as the study of how the physicochemical properties of a drug, the dosage form and the route of administration affect the rate and extent of drug absorption. It is a rapidly growing area within
the Pharmaceutical Industry. In the main, biopharmaceutical science and technology is applied to projects in late discovery and early development. The generation of biopharmaceutical information at this stage is used to identify risks to the continued progression of a project and to critically appraise development potential. The objectives are a reduction in project failures, caused by poor biopharmaceutical properties, and a greater understanding of the applicability and implications of progressing specialised drug delivery strategies. An initiative to form a focus Group for the discussion of Biopharmaceutical issues within the Pharmaceutical Industry was started at the beginning of 1999. All of the major Pharmaceutical Companies located in the UK were represented. A number of meetings have taken place; focussing on identifying objectives and possibilities for progressing these. Two main objectives were defined:

1. The promotion of scientific education and training in the field of biopharmaceutics
Organisation of one day meetings for industry / students / graduates
Collation of major references in area
Construction of a web page containing relevant information and links
Input into training materials e.g. PIAT module

2. Promote a focus on biopharmaceutical issues at scientific meetings and conferences
Influence larger organisations
Joint funded research


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