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Focus Groups
New Scientists
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Mission Statement/Scope: The New Scientists Focus Group encourages the development of scientists from the multidisciplinary pharmaceutical arena through the provision of education, dissemination of information and provision of opportunities to interact with each other and eminent scientists.
About the NSFG: The primary aim of the NSFG is to offer a forum for new scientists*, which provides information and opportunities highly relevant to their current and future needs. The focus group comprises members from a range of academia and industry sectors working together to deliver its aims. The environment created by the group at its events actively encourages interaction between new scientists and eminent speakers. The group led the development of the APS mentoring scheme. To date this has been achieved through a series of seminars, workshops and articles, delivered over the last 13 years. The NSFG is also actively involved in organising and chairing a speaker session at the APS PharmSci Conference each year. Through its sessions at APS PharmSci Conference, the group provides a unique opportunity to post-doctoral researchers, lecturers and new scientists in the pharmaceutical arena to communicate their research to the wider pharmaceutical world.

The NSFG also host Industrial Insights, a 2 day residential event which gives undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral pharmaceutical scientists the opportunity to explore the numerous career paths open to them within the pharmaceutical arena. These events have been held at the site of a large Pharmaceutical company since 2008.

* the NSFG welcomes anyone who would like to be a member. However, typically, a new scientist is an individual who is a student or up to 5 years into their scientific career.
Vision/Aims: The NSFG aims:
  • to demonstrate the diversity of pharmaceutical sciences and highlight the many and varied opportunities available to scientists from a wide-range of backgrounds and disciplines;
  • to attract new scientists to the APS by engaging and educating them about the aims and benefits of the APS, and encourage them to become members of the APS;
  • to provide valuable advice to new scientists on potential career paths and development opportunities available to them within the pharmaceutical sphere;
  • to promote interaction and collaboration between:
    • multidisciplinary subjects which constitute the pharmaceutical sciences
    • new and eminent scientists
    • industry, academia and government;
  • to express the views of new pharmaceutical scientists at national and international levels via the APS;
  • be the premier group for these purposes within the UK;
  • be the premier vehicle for the APS to attract new scientists into its membership.

These aims will be achieved by:

  • organising and chairing a session at the annual UK PharmSci conference which will showcase new talent alongside newly appointed leaders in the academic and industrial fields;
  • organising and hosting a biennial conference at a major pharmaceutical site to showcase the pharmaceutical arena, the opportunities available to new scientists within the pharmaceutical sphere, and likely future directions using speakers chosen from across a range of disciplines;
  • contributing to other sessions and road-shows across the UK, supplementing other groups e.g. APS focus groups BPSA, Young Chemical Engineers and publicising the work of the NSFG and APS.
  • Facilitating the Continuous Professional Development of all members of the APS

Committee Members: Helen Barker (Pfizer)
Claire Martin (University of Wolverhampton)
Mike Cram (Pfizer)
Matt Reason (GSK)
Spoorthi Dharmayat (Pfizer)
James Mann (Merck)
Sam Pygall (Merck)
Geoff Davison (BioNow)
Kieran Lennon (AstraZeneca)
Claire Thompson (Oxford PharmaScience)
Rachel Bridson (University of Birmingham)
Carrie Truman (GSK)
Ashvin Patel (Kuecept)

For more images of New Scientsits events please click on the link below.


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